Thursday, 3 September 2009

The new mat

How sad is this, I loved this mat so much I took a picture of it. Problem is - I put it outside on the pontoon while I was cleaning my beloved wooden floor and the rotten wind blew it away.
Its at the bottom of the marina together with a folding chair, fishing keep net, clothes airer and a pair of sunglasses.

Our nephew

Our Nephew steering the boat - he actually holding his line really well. Our family came down from Scotland and stayed with us for a few days, I hope they liked it. I think they were a bit shocked by how small our living accommodation actually is compared to what their used too. Just right for the two of us but a bit of a tight squeeze for four adults, a five year old and two jack russells.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Summer hols!

Just found this picture on the phone from 1st July 2008. We travelled from Ely towards Bedford and found a mooring site just outside St.Ives on a small island near Houghton Mill. We stayed for an afternoon and overnight and it was just perfect. I later found out that this was an old haunt of my mothers when she was younger. She used to visit the mill when it was a youth hostel and told me that she had spent many happy hours on the island just like we did.

Basil - the meercat

Our Basil, just loves to look at reflections in a picture that we have hanging across from the window. In the reflections he can see the boat next door and see the comings and goings of all the dogs that live there.
I know he loves his life here, he's a completely different dog. More relaxed, better behaved and so much more loving - he's the best!!!

The cake

Who says it can't be done in a kitchen the size of a postage stamp ! I haven't made a proper cake in years, so when the eldest son suggested that the whole family go to his for Christmas, I decided that I would do the traditional thing and make the family cake. I was really pleased with the results and at the same time I made some mince pies for the neighbours and delivered them along with the Christmas cards, all nicely wrapped in a silver and blue Christmas parcel. I am definitely feeling festive.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


All that space!!! Not as much as I had in the house, but plenty for me and hubs. Serving dinner is so much easier now - I don't have to put the washing up bowl upside down to make more surface space. The telling will be when we have people over. Cooking and serving a meal won't be a problem, but they will have to go outside to eat it!!!
The next job is a wall cupboard over the microwave, hubs will sort it!!!!